April 19, 2012


What would you take with you if your house was burning?
I feel like my blog just burnt down, and I wasn't able to save much.
All my photo's from three years worth of posts are gone. (A sad face doesn't even begin to describe the loss I feel.)

If I set aside that ache and think about how to reconstruct my blog. I wonder if I should try to find all those images and re-upload them. Or if I should just start fresh like a Phoenix from the ashes, and if I started fresh what would that look like

Feels a little bit like my life right now. The ache of loss. Thinking about salvage or rebirth and what either of those would look like.

I'm glad I have this to listen to...

1 comment:

  1. oh how awful… I wonder what happened to cause it? (not that it matters now I suppose)
    I know the early days of my blog were quite shaky ones but none the less I wouldn't trade them in for anything as they show my journey as a blogger.

    It sounds akin to having your entire history wiped out and I'm so sorry for that to have happened to you.

    Here's hoping your inner Phoenix is able to rise from these particular ashes - they say everything happens for a reason and so maybe a new start was exactly what was in order.
    Wishing you better luck for your posts ahead ;)