April 19, 2012


What would you take with you if your house was burning?
I feel like my blog just burnt down, and I wasn't able to save much.
All my photo's from three years worth of posts are gone. (A sad face doesn't even begin to describe the loss I feel.)

If I set aside that ache and think about how to reconstruct my blog. I wonder if I should try to find all those images and re-upload them. Or if I should just start fresh like a Phoenix from the ashes, and if I started fresh what would that look like

Feels a little bit like my life right now. The ache of loss. Thinking about salvage or rebirth and what either of those would look like.

I'm glad I have this to listen to...

Photo Issues

Messy Pretty Things is having technical difficulties. Hopefully they will be resovled shorty and all the images will be restored.